Societatea Civila Medicala Dr. ROSU is a private primary care clinic specialized as CLINICAL RESEARCH UNIT. It is legally authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Health to perform clinical research in the following specialties:


Dr. Mutiu Dana

Medic primar psichiatrie


Dr. Mihalceanu Mihaita Viorica

Medic primar dermato-venerologie


Dr. Deme Sanda Maria

Medic primar dermato-venerologie


Dr. Sirbu Daniela Teodora

Medic Primar Obstetrica Ginecologie


Dr. Stoia S. Djeska Stelian Eugen

Medic primar pneumologie


Dr. Muresan Adrian Marius

Medic primar urologie

Diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases

Dr. Enache Adrian Eugen

Medic primar medicina interna, diabet zaharat, nutritie si boli metabolice, nefrologie

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Rosu Serban Marius

Medic Specilist, Medic Primar, Doctor in Medicina Dentara, Stomatologie, Chirurgie Orala si Maxilo – Faciala

Internal Medicine

Dr. Rosu Doina

Medic Specilist, Medic Primar Medicina Interna si Cardiologie


Dr. Rosu Doina

Medic Specilist, Medic Primar Medicina Interna si Cardiologie


Dr. Rosu Luminita Adriana

Medic Stomatologie


All clinical research activities are conducted under Quality Assurance rules according to SR EN ISO 9001:2008 international standards for Clinical Trials.

Independent Ethics Committee

If request by the Sponsor, an Independent Ethics Committee can be involved to evaluate a clinical protocol. It is organized as an independent body constituted of medical/scientific professional and non-medical /non-scientific personnel. It’s responsibilities are:

  • To safeguard the rights, safety and well-being of all trial subjects.
  • To obtain and review required documents, should assess Investigators’ qualifications to conduct clinical trials.
  • To present its approval/favorable opinion or disapproval/negative opinion in order for the trial to be conducted
  • To conduct continuing review of each ongoing trial