A clinical trial in two months!

CeasLiving in times in which we are surrounded by technology, there is no novelty that all things unfold with breakneck speed, so our team, keeping up with all the clients needs,  has conducted a clinical trial in just 2 months, without compromising any aspect of the study at the expense of speed, managing to satisfy the client needs,  reaching his main goal to present the results of this clinical trial at the VitaFoods Europe 2016.

Therefore we planned with the client the  following study timetable:


20 January 2016 Final Budget Proposal
29 January 2016 Study Synopsis and Abstract
09 February 2016 End of Protocol and study documents
09 February 2016 Local Ethical Committee Approval (Timisoara, Romania)
29 February 2016 First Patient Enrolled
10 March 2016 50% Patients Enrolled (29 patients)
19 March 2016 Last Patient Enrolled (49 patients)
28 March 2016 Last Patient Last Visit
31 March 2016 Statistical Analysis
01 April 2016 Poster with final results for VitaFood 2016

As you can notice, in 2 months the protocol was written and approved by the Ethical Committee, 50 patients were enrolled and treated, the statistical analysis and the report finished. And on April 1st we  presented the poster with final results at VitaFoods Europe 2016.