Nowadays, decline of cognitive function represents a major health issue and new studies are focused on the detection of preventive agents for cognitive decline and dementia.

Interest in nutraceuticals and functional food has increased in last years. Cocoa represents a rich source of flavonoids, a class of nutraceuticals with polyphenolic structure and several effects on human health, like cardioprotection, neuroprotection, and neuromodulation. Flavonols have antioxidant properties, meaning that they have the ability to reduce the effects of cell damage caused by oxidative stress.

According to a new review published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, by Valentina Socci and her colleagues from University of L’Aquila in Italy cognitive function could be improved within few hours after cocoa flavonols consumption. Furthermore, it was found that regular, long-term intake of cocoa flavonols protects againts cognitive decline.

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