Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are widely use for controlling stomach acid and they are available for sale without prescription in many countries.

According to a new clinical study performed by Yan Xie, PhD, from the Clinical Epidemiology Center, Research and Education Service, Veterans Affairs Saint Louis Health Care System in Missouri, and colleagues, use of PPIs can lead to increased risk of death. They analyzed data for more than 6 million people for nearly 6 years — until 2013 or death. Three comparison groups were analyzed: first group, PPIs vs histamine-2 (H2)–blockers, second group  PPI users vs non-users and third group, patients receiving neither PPIs nor H2-blockers.


The results have shown that use of PPIs is associated with  increased risk of death compared with use of H2 blockers or no known exposure to any acid suppression therapy.

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