Opera develops an special partnership with each client. Our target is to understand the specific needs of your Company to provide you with the solutions and the idea that fulfill these requests.

Opera during the last years have supported SME, start up companies and some University Departments from the business plan development to the choosing of the best partner (capital venture, business angels, pharma companies) for the development of their products.

The force of our client relationship is the mutual confiance.

Product Development

Our R&D team can supports the Client for Intellectual Property services and manages all the phases of the development (preclinical and clinical) with a consolidated expertise in Proof of Concept.

Regulatory Activities

Direct filing of the dossier through MRPs and DCPs with full support to our partners worldwide.

Licensing and Distribution

Selection of the best commercial partners worldwide for long term marketing cooperation.

Production and Logistics

Our team performs the Quality Assurance of the manufacturing partners and proactive management of the Supply Chain.