Opera supports the development of clinical research professionals by providing high-quality services that are strictly connected to performance-based needs, interests and work of the clinical trial actors (investigators, CRA, clinical staff, etc).

Training programs go hand-in-hand with clinical trials. Discussions surrounding protocol, regulatory issues, enrollment criteria, procedures and safety issues are all vital to the success of a clinical trial and therefore, all the aspects involved deserve the best attention and professional guidance. The importance of these trainings cannot be underestimated, because it can dramatically affect patient enrollment and retention, as well as data quality. Thus, an effective training program can mean the difference between a study that concludes quickly with few problems and one that takes an inordinate amount of time, patience, and money to complete.

  • Investigators’ Meeting Logistics
  • Investigators’ Meeting brochures
  • Slide shows and other documentation to be presented
  • Conference room selection, hotel booking, travel arrangements, arrivals and accommodation.
  • Investigators’ Meeting organization: conference schedule, coffee break, lunch, technical equipment, portfolios, badges, etc.