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Because we are a company inspired by the true spirit of Europe, a mix of country best practices for a highly skilled expertise.

Beyond any frontier.

Country barriers do not exist at Opera. Our inter-country approach takes advantage from the merge of different competences and skills, combining in its management the made-in-Italy style, with the cost-effectiveness and the enrollment capacity of Romania.

Over 20 years of work in clinical research led to the fact that today Opera has strong relationships with many opinion leaders in all medical fields from European and non european countries. In addition, this know how is strengthened by the intensive approach of our Quality Assurance Management System.
Cost Effectiveness & Large Population
The dramatically interesting quality / cost ratio is given by the use of a network of carefully filtered research sites driven by quality assurance management systems and belonging to our Site Management Organization. All personnel is well trained in University driven courses according to ICH GCP and the sites comply with ISO 9001 international standards for clinical research. And using the network internal personnel, the total costs can be reduced.
Academic Involvement
Opera has a contractual scientific partnership with the Department of Clinical Trials of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania. Due to this collaboration, Opera takes advantage of the scientific know-how of the University but also of the two university hospitals with a turnover of approx. 100000 patients treated each year.